COVID-19: Strict Rules For Film & TV Resumption In Los Angeles

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Extensive regulations have been issued by the Los Angeles County for resumption of film and television productions in the area.

After a long hiatus due to the outbreak, Hollywood is set to restart major productions with set guidelines for the safety of everyone involved.

Even though majority of the productions are not expected to start until July or August, the regulations were announced this past Thursday in a bid to make another wave of the pandemic doesn’t surface.

Among the stringent directives for social distancing in set include the mandatory use of cloth coverings by cast and crew, orders that only “essential cast and crew” be allowed on set, and compulsory washing of hands by actors before scenes.

Any prolonged physical contact (fight scenes or sex scenes) is discouraged and actors must keep “as silent as possible to avoid spreading droplets through talking.

Crowd scenes are also discouraged and actors and musicians who cannot wear face coverings during performances should keep eight feet apart.

The rules allow for paid staff to serve as audience members for talk shows or sitcoms, but mandates that they sit six feet apart. The audiences are also limited to 25% of the available space.

The same group of employees should also be used as the audience throughout a production.

Sydney Elike
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