Don Jazzy, Tiwa Savage, Rita Dominic, Others React To Rape Allegations Against D’banj

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Don Jazzy, Tiwa Savage, Rita Dominic Others React To D'banj's Rape Allegations

Amid the drama surrounding the rape allegations levied against Nigerian musician, D’banj, celebrities have weighed in to condemn the act of rape in all ramifications.

According to , we would not want to be the judge so he’s imploring the police to do their work to the fullest:

No matter how long a lie lasts, the truth will always prevail. The fact is that one of them is a victim and the law will protect that person. I stand firmly against rape and all injustices against women, children and everyone including oppression. I urge all victims to speak out and report to the appropriate quarters.

It is also important that every accused person is given an opportunity to set the facts straight. For most of us, all we have is the good name our parents have given us and we must protect and bequeath to our own successors.

This particular case saddens my soul but I am not competent to investigate or judge this matter. I implore the police to thoroughly investigate and courts to do justice.

also expressed her concerns:

I hear you all and even though this is heartbreaking for me, my view is still the same. I stand strong with the victims of all sexual abuse so I say this: 1. Victims should always speak out n speak their truth 2. those found guilty must be punished to d full extent of the law.

And has this to say:

It is 60 years after independence yet the police continues to allow themselves be used to intimidate citizens. Intimidating a person who cries out that he/she has been raped is the worst kind. That is like victimizing them all over again.

Every1 involved in detaining Ms. Babatayo have a case to answer. Keeping quiet about this only serves to shut down victims & that’s not something we should encourage in our society. Defending oneself from a rape accusation should not include intimidation of the accuser.

Rapper, has lent his voice to the cause of justice:

Society will not improve if we do not tear down the systemic methods by which women and girls who accuse people of violating them are silenced. There can be no sacred cows on this issue..

We cannot say that we stand with women and then be silent towards actions that say to all women clearly, it is better to be silent than to speak.. any abuse of power and authority can not be accepted in this regard

To the brave women like  @AyodejiOsowobi and @ozzyetomi who used their platform to fight over the last few hours.. thank you for your courage and leadership.. to all organizations silently working on the behalf of victims of gender-based violence.. thank you

Some days I am ashamed to be a man because of how much we have failed our sisters, mothers, friends and daughters.. today is one of those days.. and I know if I do not speak out today I will be complicit in a system that tells women.. “shut up and don’t say anything”

However, D’banj is yet to release a statement in response to abducting the accuser. Also, the accuser is yet to officially state what transpired in the case of her being abducted and coerced to retract her allegations of rape.


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