Kiddwaya’s Commitment to Afrobeats and Nigeria’s Legacy

Kiddwaya Takes a Stand: Afrobeats and Nigerian Heritage

Kiddwaya's Commitment to Afrobeats and Nigeria's Legacy
Kiddwaya’s Afrobeats Vision: Protecting Nigerian Culture

In an exclusive interview on MTV Base Africa’s flagship program, Official Naija Top 10, former BBNaija All Stars housemate, Terseer Waya, popularly known as Kiddwaya, expressed his unwavering commitment to safeguarding Afrobeats music from potential exploitation by external forces.

During the candid conversation, Kiddwaya articulated his mission to empower Nigerian artists in maintaining a stronghold over the Afrobeats genre. He voiced concerns over the possibility of their hard work being appropriated by foreign entities.

The reality TV star and entrepreneur asserted, “I want us Nigerians to genuinely maintain our grip on Afrobeats because I fear that all our hard work in the music industry might ultimately fall into the hands of foreign interests. We need to take proactive steps to claim ownership of our creative output. Therefore, my goal is to promote Afrobeats music on the international stage and collaborate with the right partners to ensure that ownership remains within our grasp. There are opportunistic individuals out there who aim to exploit and control artists, labels, and every aspect of our vibrant music culture.”

Kiddwaya’s dedication to preserving Nigerian culture extended beyond the realm of music. He predicted that African fashion, with a particular emphasis on Nigerian fashion, is poised for global recognition. However, he expressed concerns that the country was gradually losing its unique identity.

In his words, “I believe African fashion, especially Nigerian fashion, is on the brink of a global breakthrough. We should showcase our rich heritage more prominently instead of attempting to emulate American styles. One of my deepest concerns revolves around the erosion of Nigeria’s distinctive identity. What does a Nigerian look like today? While some embrace our traditional attire like the Agbada, the younger generation increasingly mirrors American fashion trends. We must be mindful of this trend and work to preserve our unique identity.”

Kiddwaya’s insights underscore the importance of safeguarding Nigeria’s artistic and cultural legacy, urging the nation to take proactive measures to retain ownership of its creative output, whether in music or fashion. As Afrobeats continues to captivate global audiences, Kiddwaya’s vision stands as a call to action for Nigerian artists and the wider creative community to assert their influence and protect their cultural heritage.

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