COVID-19: I Have No Idea What This Pandemic Is Like – Miley Cyrus

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American singer and actress has stated that she has no idea of how the coronavirus pandemic feels like, and that she is financially stable.

Miley Cyrus say says it's hard to talk about being privileged in a time such as this
Miley Cyrus say says it’s hard to talk about being privileged in a time such as this

The Wrecking Ball crooner spoke to the Wall Street Journal, shedding light on her experience with the lockdown and how difficult it has been for celebs to still stay they are not lacking when many people have become jobless.

The 27-year-old said that she recognizes that her position of privilege as a celebrity isn’t exactly how a lot of people around the globe are handling the crisis brought on by the pandemic.


I’m sure some people I was reaching out to felt the same way I do, which is that my experience is so rare. It almost doesn’t feel right to talk about.

I know I’m in a unique position, and my experience with this pandemic is not like most of everyone else’s in my country and around the world.

This isn’t COVID-19, what I’m experiencing. My life has been pushed pause on, but really I have no idea what this pandemic is like.

I’m comfortable in my space, able to put food on my table, and I’m financially stable. That’s not just the story for a lot of people.”

Miley Cyrus made headlines last year following her split from ex-husband less than a year after their marriage.

Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus
Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus

There had been allegations of cheating on Miley’s part and she had hinted that she had found it hard fitting into the wife stereotype.

She had said:

I can admit to a lot of things but I refuse to admit that my marriage ending because of cheating. Liam and I have been together for a decade. I’ve said it before and it remains true.

It is no secret that I was into partying in my teens and early 20s. I have not only smoked but advocated for weed. I’ve experimented with drugs. Liam and I reconciled. And I was committed.”

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