George Floyd: John Boyega Unapologetic Over Explicit Anti-Racist Posts

The actor blasted racists in a series of Twitter posts.
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Following the killing of , Hollywood actor responded with a series of explicit posts on social media that attracted lots of criticisms.

John Boyega played Finn in the latest STAR WARS films
John Boyega played Finn in the latest STAR WARS films

John Boyega is known for playing Finn in the Star Wars movies. Though he is an English actor, he was born by Nigerian parents and has identified with his roots.

While some of his fans didn’t take his anti-racist posts lightly, others praised him for voicing his discontent with the latest killing of a black man in the United States.

Boyega’s first post on Twitter reads: “I really f**king hate racists”. It got over a million likes from followers and when some called him out for his use of swear words, he responded by saying, “This is my own personal account. I am not here for the kids.


To further buttress his point, he went on Instagram Live where he said:

That’s a continuous cycle, going on. I don’t live in the States, but I’m Black,” he continued. “F*** that. So I’ll say it again: f*** you racist white people. I said what I said. And if you don’t f***ing like it, go suck a d***.

It’s not about career, it’s not about money… All those things were just a part of my dream, just a part of working. That’s got nothing to do with how you treat people. You lot can’t rattle me. I’m not the guy to be rattled. I wasn’t raised by no weak people.”

See the video below:

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