‘Get The Info’ Video: Phyno, Phenom & Falz Tackle Nigeria’s Corrupt System

The track is laced with severe criticisms of the corruption prevalent in Nigeria
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Phyno, Phenom and Falz are unrelenting in a song that blasts everything wrong with Nigeria
, and are unrelenting in a song that blasts everything wrong with Nigeria

There seems to be a paradigm shift in the Nigerian music scene as artists are now showing their disdain of a failed system in their songs.

Rappers Phyno, Phenom and Falz are the latest to give voice to their discontent as they take on everything that is wrong with the nation in the Phyno’s latest video for his track Get the Info.

When your music makes a statement, it adds to your credibility as an artist who isn’t restricted by the normal demands of the typical needs of music lovers.

Phyno has never lacked for punchlines and the bars he spits here are filled with thought-provoking rhymes. You don’t have to understand the Igbo dialect he is known for to know that he is fed up with a failed country.

Corrupt politicians loot the nation’s treasury and an incapable government lets them go free; this and many more are the issues that are predominant in Phyno’s song.

Phyno's rap skills shine throughout the track
Phyno’s rap skills shine throughout the track

With a somewhat eerie soundtrack and a resounding back up from the indomitable duo of Falz and Phenom, Phyno hasn’t lost his hip hop touch and effortlessly shows his laidback swagger as he attacks the sycophantic activities of the corrupt.

The clip is packed with a montage of different captured moments to illustrate the point the rappers are trying to make. It’s songs like these that awaken the consciousness of many to rise up and fight for their rights in an oppressive environment.

The fatherless, homeless and widows are also spoken for as often times they are the ones who bear the brunt of the suffering.


Self-proclaimed religious leaders, the police and heartless security operatives aren’t spared as Falz takes his time to dish out some tongue-lashing to them. Young ladies who indulge in sex for money are brought to the fore and the guilty carry on in their despicable actions because there are no consequences.

Get the Info isn’t a song for those who just want the usual music menu. It is for those who are fed up with the mess of a country we are in and can relate to the message being preached.

See the video below:

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