Expectations At Certain Age

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You need to destroy the idea that there’s an expectation to do things by a certain age. You don’t have to be married with kids at 25, it’s okay not to have your dream job at 30 or not to have graduated by 22. There are no rules to life. Life is neither a race, nor a competition.

Many people easily falls into these categories. While we are busy comparing our lives and achievements with others, we unconsciously keep ourselves frustrated, down while so many negative thoughts ventures into our mind.

Most motivational speakers compound problems, they sugar-quote all sorts and make you feel you’re not doing enough! Perhaps, you do not know that Aliko Dangote’s Great Grand Dad was also the richest in 1995. Femi Otedola was coordinating his father’s business in Europe and Britain. Adenuga was the general administration assistance to Babangida. Don’t let motivational speaker kill you, you’re trying your best.

This is what led so many people, particularly the youths to take actions that they live to regret for the rest of their life. Some weeks ago, a doctor recounts the travails of a young and ebullient looking 18 year old undergraduate who in a bid to level-up with the G-plus boys in his area of residence, cut off his penis with a broken piece of a mirror for rituals. As he was wheeled to the theater, he kept shouting “E no suppose be me! Those wey don do am dey buy Benz,” why me ? the boy dead unfortunately. The young lad actually wanted to do  stuff his friends were doing, but so unfortunate he killed himself.

Do not let anyone pressure you. You’re doing your best. The fact that you’re not where you want to be does not translate to you not making progress. Life was constructed in a way that everything takes time!  Trees does not grow a day! With hard work,consistency and prayer, you’ll surely get there.

What’s meant to be yours is already making its way to you. What was never yours is starting to flee from you. With time, it will all make sense. For now, bear the confusion and focus on living fully in the present. Don’t let your whole life be “i’ll be happy when” be happy now ! and with time your dreams will come through.

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