‘Flash’ Movie Director Reveals Difference From The Comics

The famous FLASHPOINT storyline has been rumored to feature in the upcoming film
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Ezra Miller returns to play the fastest man alive in the DC Extended Universe
returns to play the fastest man alive in the Extended Universe

DC’s upcoming Flash movie has been rumored to adapt the Flashpoint storyline from the comics and though it seems that it will still happen, director has revealed that it won’t be a strict adaptation.

The superhero film will star Ezra Miller in a returning role and the studio’s renewed confidence is hinged on the success of previous movies like Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Shazam, and Joker.

A lot rests of the portrayal of Miller whose performance as the titular speedster will either make him a fan favorite or despised by many. It’s his first solo outing in the DC Extended Universe and he is expected to make a damn good show of it.

In the comics, the Flashpoint storyline is about Barry Allen a.k.a. Flash racing back through time to stop his mother’s murder, only to make his way back to the present to discover that things are very different from the way he left it.

In the new present, Barry finds out that Superman is missing, Wonder Woman and Aquaman are at loggerheads and Bruce Wayne (Batman) was killed as a boy, resulting in his father taking up the mantle as a gun-wielding Dark Knight while his mother becomes the Joker.

It’s a pretty intriguing plot but director Muschietti has hinted that there will be creative differences.

Director Andy Muschietti
Director Andy Muschietti

Odu News learned that the filmmaker spoke on That Hashtag Show and said that while the rumors of the film adapting the Flashpoint storyline were true, it would not go the way fans envisioned.

He said the film would be a “different version of Flashpoint than you’re expecting” and this could mean that his vision for the movie will feature major changes from the source material.

The Flash movie had an initial release date of 2020 but was pushed further to 2022.

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