Lunar Eclipse Set To Occur On January 10, 2020

The event is the first of four that will happen this year
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A pictorial depiction of a lunar eclipse which in this case happens to be a blood moon
A pictorial depiction of a which in this case happens to be a blood moon

On the 10th of January 2020, the earth’s inhabitants will bear witness to the first major celestial event which comes in the form of a lunar eclipse.

A lunar eclipse is an event in which sunlight is blocked from hitting the moon’s surface by the earth, resulting in an imperfect alignment of the sun, moon, and earth.

Sky gazers around the globe will see different lunar eclipse this year as we are set to experience four in total (the second will take place on June 5, the third July 5, and the fourth on November 30).

During the January 10, 2020 occurrence, 90 percent of the moon’s surface will be partially covered by the earth with only part of its outer shadow being visible.

According to experts, it is safe to stare at a lunar eclipse with the bare eyes as no special glasses are required to look upon one of nature’s wonders.

Sydney Elike
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