Black Lives Matter Protests: White Woman Spits On Black Man [VIDEO]

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Video footage captured the moment a woman in Milwaukee sprayed a young black man with her saliva during a protest in the area.

The woman bathes the black man with her saliva
The woman bathes the black man with her saliva

The ugly incident took place during the weekend in Shorewood, just outside of Milwaukee, with the elderly woman refusing to remove her car from the path of the protesters.

Supposedly blocking their way, the woman refused to bulge as she stood her ground in the face of the demonstrators telling her to go back to her car and get out of their way.

As a young black man approaches her to try to confront her, she unleashes a spray of saliva on him, catching him by surprise and making the people around angrier.

Thankfully, reason prevailed as cool-headed individuals intervened, stepping in to fend off an imminent attack on her as the young man who was spat on showed incredible restraint.

Milwaukee High school students celebrate Black Lives Matter week
Milwaukee High school students celebrate week

Unexpectedly, things didn’t end there. The elderly woman called the cops, reporting herself in what can be perceived to be an act of fear for her safety. They came to her house in an attempt to figure out what happened.

Shorewood Police Department revealed that the woman was arrested and booked, though it hasn’t been revealed for what exactly. Protesters watched as she was whisked away by the cops, pleased no doubt, to see she didn’t get away with her shameful act.

See the video below:

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