ABUAD: See Punishment For Boys And Girls Seen Holding Hands

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Afe Babalola

Afe Babalola University, Ado-Ekiti (ABUAD) has laid down a rule stating that members of the opposite sex seen holding hands or displaying affection publicly will be flogged severely.

The rule reportedly comes directly from the owner of the institution, Afe Babalola, and was passed through the Dean of Students Affairs, Mr. Babatunde Wahab, in a bid to curb immorality in the school.

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ABUAD students

A voice recording of Wahab issuing the new law was obtained by and is seen below:

You are not adults yet. When you are 18, 19, 20, you can do whatever you like with your lives but outside the university. We are begging you all in the name of everything that you so much cherish in your not to allow any boy or anybody to hold your hand.

We will chase you and enter the hostel for you to know the level we are taking the operation to. You are going to see 20 to 30 men with horsetail and a powerful torchlight.

Anywhere we find any act of immorality, we will reject it outrightly. I don’t want people that will say we are happy because he is a fundamentalist, he is a Muslim. It is not a matter of Muslim, the founder has given the directive. The founder no longer enjoys the scene.

So, please and please warn your friends, put it on your social pages. Anybody found doing anything amorous, we are going to deal with that person.

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