‘Messiah’ Series Trailer: The Antichrist Arrives In Netflix’s Supernatural Thriller

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A scene from the series

A mysterious man inspires the faith of many and becomes the subject of an investigation in Messiah, the upcoming series from Netflix.

Created by Michael Petroni, the first season will be released on Netflix on January 1, 2020, and is made up of ten episodes.

The trailer is packed with intriguing and explosive moments, showing the man who appears in the Middle East, claiming to be the Messiah.

(X-Men Origins: ) stars as Eva Gellar, a detective who sees more to the self-proclaimed messiah than he appears to be. She sets out on a quest, determined to unravel the mystery behind his identity.

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The self-proclaimed messiah and a follower
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as the agent who is determined to solve the riddle that is the so-called messiah

The series is definitely one to watch though it may end up being controversial and might step on a few toes. Movie fans who want to be enthralled by something other than what is being shown on television should look out for this one.

Messiah co-stars Tomer Sisley, , John Ortiz, Melinda Page Hamilton, and John Adams.

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