Trish Stratus’ Shocking Heel Turn Ignites WWE RAW Rivalry

In a shocking turn of events during last night’s WWE RAW, Trish Stratus not only cost Becky Lynch and Lita the Women’s Tag Team Championship but also launched a surprise attack on The Man, Becky Lynch, marking her heel turn and adding a new twist to the wrestling landscape.

Trish Stratus' Shocking Heel Turn Ignites WWE RAW Rivalry

This marks the first time in almost two decades that Stratus has turned heel, and it’s speculated that there is a single driving force behind her actions. Stratus has openly expressed her desire in recent years to win the Women’s Tag Team Championship alongside her long-time best friend, Lita.

However, WWE chose to pair Lita with Becky Lynch for the championship, leaving Stratus out of the winning equation when the titles were taken from Damage CTRL. Since her return, the former seven-time Women’s Champion has seemingly been relegated to a third wheel, a position she is unaccustomed to.

The assault on Lita in the locker room was likely part of Stratus’ calculated plan to enter the match, snatch away the titles, and ultimately pursue winning them alongside Lita. It appears that jealousy towards Becky Lynch has fueled Trish Stratus’ actions on WWE RAW.

Trish Stratus' Shocking Heel Turn Ignites WWE RAW Rivalry

As a result, Stratus is now expected to engage in a heated rivalry with Becky Lynch, potentially centered around the accusation of Lynch “stealing” her best friend, Lita. Women’s feuds in WWE tend to be more personal than their male counterparts, and this situation is no exception as the two wrestlers are anticipated to develop an intense storyline leading up to SummerSlam.

It’s also possible that Trish Stratus harbors resentment towards Becky Lynch for receiving opportunities that she believes were paved by women like herself. This brewing conflict could take numerous twists and turns over the coming months, adding to the excitement and unpredictability of WWE programming.

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