Dance Queen Kaffy, Sternly Warns Male Friends Against Involving Her in Infidelity Cover-ups

Dance Queen Kaffy, Sternly Warns Male Friends Against Involving Her in Infidelity Cover-ups
Dance Queen Kaffy

Nigeria’s renowned dance professional and Guinness World Record holder, Kafayat Shafau, popularly known as Kaffy, has sent out a strong-worded message to her male acquaintances engaged in marital infidelity. She expressed displeasure over attempts to implicate her in their extramarital affairs. Kaffy voiced out her concerns through an emphatic post on the social media platform, Threads, today.

In her post, the accomplished dancer chastised her male colleagues who cheat on their partners and attempt to use her presence as a smoke screen during their unfaithful acts. As a mother of two, Kaffy felt this behavior disrespected not just herself but also the wives of these individuals, many of whom she considers friends or colleagues.

Kaffy, known for her staunch stand against infidelity, voiced out her discontent, saying, “I don’t know if women do this too, but my experience has been with my male friends, colleagues, or family members. If you intend to be unfaithful to your partner, I strongly urge you not to involve me.”

In her passionate plea, she continued, “This is not just disrespectful to me, but also to your wife, with whom I am likely close or have shared meals. You are well aware of my stance on this matter, and by involving me, you risk a direct confrontation.”

Kaffy was especially irked by the audacity of these individuals using her as a cover for their deceitful actions. “The audacity is what gets to me! You might be risking me confronting you on the spot. Do not invoke my name while in the company of your mistress, providing false reassurance to your wife about your whereabouts or actions. Please, respect your partner and our relationship,” she cautioned.

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