NiMet Warns Of Reduced Visibility Due To Dust Haze In Northern States

"NiMet Urges Vigilance as Dust Haze Threatens Northern States with Reduced Visibility"

The Nigerian Meteorological Agency (NiMet) has issued a crucial warning to the public regarding a potential decrease in visibility in several northern states.

NiMet Warns Of Reduced Visibility Due To Dust Haze In Northern States

The advisory comes as a result of the encroachment of dust haze into the country from its source region. In a statement released on Wednesday and signed by NiMet’s General Manager of Public Affairs, Mr. Muntari Ibrahim, the agency highlighted the growing concern surrounding the visibility conditions in the northern region.

The source of this dust haze has been identified in various stations within Chad, including Faya-Largeau, Bol-Berim, Mongo, Abeche, and Ndjamena. These stations have reported horizontal visibility issues, and the situation is further exacerbated by neighboring regions in Niger sharing borders with northern Nigeria.

Over the past 24 hours, reports from Niger have indicated that areas like Diffa, Maine-Soroa, Goure, Bila, Maradi, Zinder, and Birni-n-Konni have been experiencing poor visibility due to dust haze, with visibility levels ranging between 1000 meters and 3000 meters.

NiMet warns that due to prevailing strong winds, the suspended dust particles are likely to propagate into several northern states, which will result in further reductions in horizontal visibility.

Specifically, the agency anticipates that there will be moderate to poor horizontal visibility conditions in the northern parts of the country, including Katsina, Kano, Nguru, Jigawa, Potiskum, and Maiduguri, over the next 24 hours.

In light of these developments, NiMet strongly advises members of the public to take necessary precautions to mitigate the potential risks associated with reduced visibility due to dust particles suspended in the atmosphere. Individuals with respiratory ailments, in particular, are urged to take extra precautions to protect themselves, as the current weather conditions may pose health risks to them.

Furthermore, the agency extends its advice to airline operators, urging them to make use of NiMet’s weather reports for effective planning in their operations. By staying informed and taking necessary precautions, these operators can ensure the safety and efficiency of their flights.

NiMet reassures the public that it will continue to closely monitor the weather situation and provide timely updates when necessary. In the interest of public safety, it is imperative for residents and businesses in the affected areas to remain vigilant and heed the guidance provided by NiMet in response to this challenging weather phenomenon.

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