WHO Urges Israel to Reconsider Evacuation Order For Gaza Hospitals

WHO Warns of Dire Consequences and Appeals for Humanitarian Aid Amidst Gaza Hospital Evacuation Order

In a pressing plea, the World Health Organization (WHO) has called on Israel to revoke its evacuation order for hospitals located in northern Gaza.
WHO Urges Israel to Reconsider Evacuation Order For Gaza Hospitals
The organization’s spokesperson, Tarik Jašarević, revealed the alarming concerns in a statement issued on Monday, emphasizing the enormous challenges of relocating patients in critical conditions.

Jašarević stressed that the evacuation task was “almost impossible” due to the critical situation inside the hospitals. He pointed out the presence of patients who rely on mechanical ventilators, newborns dependent on incubators, individuals in unstable health conditions, making it an exceptionally daunting task to transfer them to alternative locations.

The WHO representative firmly appealed to Israel to reconsider its evacuation order, given the precarious condition of these patients.

Highlighting the gravity of the situation, Jašarević explained, “There are patients who are there that cannot simply be moved, many there are on mechanical ventilators. There are also newborns on incubators, people in unstable conditions, and it’s very difficult to move them. We are calling on Israel to reconsider this order.”

The WHO’s concern extends beyond the evacuation order itself. They underscored the pressing need for essential medical supplies in Gaza to address the ongoing health crisis. Four trucks loaded with surgical equipment, dressing materials, and medicines for chronic illnesses were successfully delivered to Gaza via the Rafah border crossing. However, WHO spokesperson Tarik Jašarević made it clear that this was merely a fraction of the required aid.

Speaking about the limited supplies, Jašarević expressed, “So far, four trucks carrying surgical and dressing materials as well as medicines for chronic illnesses have been brought into Gaza through the Rafah border crossing. But that is not nearly enough.”

The situation remains critical as additional trucks filled with medical supplies are prepared for delivery on the Egyptian side. However, there are ongoing concerns about the security guarantees necessary to safely transport these supplies into Gaza. Jašarević emphasized the need for these guarantees to ensure that essential medical aid reaches those in desperate need.

This urgent appeal from the World Health Organization underscores the severity of the healthcare crisis in Gaza and the critical importance of ensuring that medical facilities are equipped to provide life-saving care for patients in the region.

The international community is closely watching these developments as efforts continue to secure the well-being of those affected by the ongoing crisis in Gaza

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