Agbaje Voices Concern Over Tinubu’s Approach to Economic Crisis

Agbaje Voices Concern Over Tinubu's Approach to Economic Crisis
Jimi Agbaje

Jimi Agbaje, a previous candidate for the governorship under the banner of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Lagos, has critiqued President Bola Tinubu’s strategies for addressing the economic challenges that afflict the nation, stating that these efforts have inadvertently exacerbated the hardships faced by the Nigerian populace.

While acknowledging President Tinubu’s attempts to rectify the economic woes, Agbaje pointed out that such attempts have unfortunately deepened the suffering of the citizens.

As reported by TheCable, Agbaje emphasized the finite tolerance of the populace towards hardship, stating, “There is a limit to how much people can endure. People have accepted the principle that there is no gain without pain but there is a limit to the pain. The truth is that there is an elastic limit,”

He further stressed the necessity for the government to alleviate the citizens’ burdens while endeavoring to implement lasting economic reforms. Agbaje expressed skepticism about the population’s capacity to withstand prolonged hardship.

He urged government officials to adopt austerity measures by reducing the cost of governance and ensuring that relief efforts effectively reach those most in need.

“The palliatives they are giving out must reach the vulnerable. It must cut across in a way that the people feel some measure of relief. Also, our leaders must lead by example. You cannot ask people to make sacrifice while you are not showing that measure of sacrifice,” Agbaje remarked.

He clarified that the critique of President Tinubu’s performance was less about expectations and more about the tangible issues at hand. Despite efforts to address the core economic challenges, the reality is that these efforts have led to increased hardship, which needs mitigation.

“Whatever decisions have been taken, I know we will not get immediate results. It is going to be medium and long-term. But the people have to be alive to enjoy the medium and long term. I think that is what is missing at this point in time. People cannot bear it much longer,” Agbaje concluded, stating the urgent need for policies that not only promise future benefits but also provide immediate relief to the enduring populace.

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