Madonna University Guarantees Virginity Preservation Of Female Students

Madonna University Guarantees Virginity Preservation Of Female Students

Rev. Fr. Emmanual Edeh, the visionary behind Madonna University in Nigeria, has made a remarkable assertion regarding the institution’s moral framework. According to him, the university ensures that female students who join the institution as virgins maintain their virginity upon graduation, a testament to the university’s high moral and disciplinary standards.

This claim was highlighted in a video shared by Channels Television on a recent Wednesday, where Edeh emphasized the university’s unwavering dedication to upholding ethics and discipline.

Edeh elaborated on the university’s ethical guidelines, stating, “Madonna is a university where there is no secret cultism, molestation, examination malpractice, no bullying, and zero tolerance for hard drugs. zero tolerance for sexual immorality. It is only in this university that it is clearly maintained that girls who enter the university as virgins graduate as virgins. They enter our university as virgins and graduate as virgins. Tell me any other university in the whole world that can maintain this. That is why people from London, America, England, and Germany, when I meet them, will say, Father, we want to marry a girl who is a virgin. And the only way to do that is to come to Madonna University.”

Rev. Edeh further discussed the strict attendance policies that reinforce the institution’s standards for students and faculty alike. He pointed out that students must attend at least 85% of their classes to be eligible for examinations, while faculty members are required to fulfill 100% of their teaching commitments to avoid penalties.

He also highlighted the university’s inclusive environment, welcoming students from diverse backgrounds and faiths, yet firmly adhering to Catholic principles in its operations. “Madonna University stands out for its commitment to high morals and discipline in academics,” Edeh noted, underscoring the importance of the institution’s residential policy. This policy mandates on-campus residency to facilitate better monitoring, guidance, and counseling by the administration.

Since its establishment in 1999, Madonna University has expanded to three campuses located in Okija, Anambra State; Elele, Rivers State; and Akpugo, Enugu State, continuing its mission to provide education that is deeply rooted in moral integrity and academic excellence.

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