Wrestlemania 2020: Drew McIntyre Defeats Brock Lesnar To Become WWE Champion

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In what was undoubtedly the most anticipated match of the event, WWE superstars and went toe to toe, with the latter emerging victorious to the clinic the coveted WWE Championship.

Drew McIntyre Defeats Brock Lesnar
Drew McIntyre Defeats Brock Lesnar

Despite the pandemic, WWE went ahead with its scheduled event, and though it lacked the electrifying atmosphere that is typical with the annual event, it wasn’t without its unique moments.

Drew McIntyre, the winner of this year’s , faced the powerhouse known as Brock Lesnar for the first time ever in what turned out to be a short match.

Even though he had been showing his talents by beating a lot of the other wrestlers on the roaster, Drew had never won any of the two biggest titles and for him, this was an opportunity to show that he was up to the task.

Brock went into the contest, supremely confident that he could retain the title. After all, he had done that in the past against some of the best in-ring performers of all-time. But he never anticipated that he was in for a shocking encounter.

As the bell rang, the extremely powerful Brock wasted no time in asserting his dominance by taking Drew to suplex city a number of times before hitting him with his fatal finisher.

Unexpectedly though, Drew kicked out.

Angry at his opponent’s determination, Brock unleashed a series of earth-shattering finishers but the indomitable Drew managed to survive, kicking out of at least three consecutive finishers.

Intent on showing that he could dish out his own version of pain as well, Drew initiated a series of deadly claymore kicks that left Brock splattered in the middle of the ring, paving the way for the former to pin him for the title.

Drew McIntyre’s victory puts him among the few elites to beat Brock Lesnar in a first one-on-one encounter, a feat that proves that he is ready to lead the WWE to a new direction.
But Brock will definitely be itching for payback as he looks to claim back the title. Till then, it’s a celebration for the new champion who deserves his new status.

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