Facebook, Instagram Update Content Policies To Meet Community Standards

The social platform is putting contents on criticial check against harm or hate
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Facebook Content Policies and Community standards

Following criticisms and summons faced in recent time, Facebook has made some cogent adjustment in their content policies to meet community standards.

According to an official statement made the by social network site, they are doing all they can at Facebook and Instagram  to keep up with the Community Standards Enforcement Report as regards harmful contents

The statement partly reads:

People will only feel comfortable on our platforms if they feel safe. Today we’re the sharing the latest Community Standards Enforcement Report, which measures how we’re doing at finding and removing harmful content on Facebook and Instagram.

The statement goes further to explain how hate speech, child endangering posts on drugs and other illegal products are put on check.

We’ve made progress in important areas such as hate speech, child exploitation imagery, and posts about illegal drugs and firearm sales but we still have more to do. We’ll continue to invest in people and systems to combat harmful content on our platforms.

Facebook stresses that they have worked out an effective strategy to filter hate speech or violence-inciting contents based on the context of the user.

An example post was previewed on Facebook Content Enforcement page asking if the post below should be allowed on the social network site or not.

Content Enforcement page facebook
Example post published on Facebook Content Enforcement page

Facebook justifies that this post is allowed on their platform because of its context is to fictional character and not a real person.

Yes, this is allowed.

This is a call for violence, but against a fictional character in a series. Context matters. These rules don’t apply to fictional characters as they do to real people.

Other updates can be viewed on Facebook Content Enforcement page and Transparency page.



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