Mr. P Deals With Regrets And Loss In ‘Too Late’

Mr. P Deals With Regrets And Loss In ‘Too Late’
Mr. P (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Mr. P has released the visuals of his song Too Late and the singer and dancer shows his soft side in a song that is packed with a powerful message.

From Godfather Productions, the clip shows the singer as he chooses to hang out with friends while neglecting his family, a choice that haunts him as the video progresses.

As far as messages go, this is one of the most vital and comes at a time when women are beginning to speak on the emotional trauma they go through at the hands of their husbands. Even those that are single are victims of physical abuse and Mr. P is clearly advocating for those involved to stop and the victims to speak up.

Mr. P Deals With Regrets And Loss In ‘Too Late’

The storytelling is sure to keep fans engaged and the touching melody will speak to those who have been abused in one way or the other. The music artist succeeds in portraying a man who doesn’t place any value on his wife and children and continues to take them for granted just to keep pleasing his visiting friends. In the end, he has himself to blame as he alone suffers the repercussions of his actions. His friends abandon him and he is left to ruminate on his bestiality, and not being able to handle the trauma, resorts to go take himself out of the equation.

One thing that doesn’t come across as real was the rain in the video. It is understandable that it’s supposed to add to the somber theme and mood but it only comes across as generic. One doesn’t have to be a genius to see that it looks too artificial.

The song itself is actually nothing remarkable but its theme more than anything saves it from being just another mediocre track.

Mr. P Deals With Regrets And Loss In ‘Too Late’

Music should be used as a tool to educate and correct the ills and vices prevalent in the society and Too Late succeeds in this thanks to Mr. P who shows that he is still relevant in the music industry by taking a bold stand against domestic violence.

See the video below:


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