Teni Achieves Her Dream In ‘Billionaire’ Video

Teni’s latest music video is visually engaging and artistically impressive.
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Since her debut in the music industry, Teni has shown that she is no fluke and her skills as an entertainer is on display in Billionaire video, which is her best visual effort yet.

The clip is sure to immerse viewers with its storytelling, laugh-out-loud moments, and Teni’s outrageously comic persona which fans will find highly amusing.

The plus-size singer is on the front cover of Forbes magazine as a billionaire and this is obviously an optic representation of her inner desires. The graphics are cool and there is creativity in not having to go the normal way in terms of the narrative as the choice of having the artist participate in the ‘ Wants To Be A Billionaire’ contest is a good one.

Teni the peoples singer

A lot of those struggling to make it with dreams of achieving monumental success will easily relate to what is shown on screen. There is a brief shot of Teni staying up late to read as she figuratively burns the midnight candle. This is a good lesson to the present day youths would rather take the short (and often illegal) way to success, doing so by any means possible.

Wants To Be A Millionaire host Frank Edoho plays himself convincingly and there is an almost flawless representation of the show; the audience, the participants and the set all add a sense of verisimilitude to the scenario.

Teni with some women

There is also a brief comic interlude as Teni makes a call to her pal Brother Shaggy to help her answer a question. The moment of celebration looked so real that for a moment one might actually forget it is all make-believe.

Teni’s Billionaire video is a gift and encouragement to the folk who dream of making it big someday. For them and the rest of us was this made.

Sydney Elike
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