Wife Of Vice-President Of Zimbabwe Arrested For Suspected Fraud


Wife Of Vice-President Of Zimbabwe Arrested For Suspected Fraud
Mary Mubaiwa

With the series of protests currently going on against corrupt and sit-tight leaders in different parts of the Magrib (Northern parts of Africa), coupled with the deliberate violation of human rights in many parts of the African continent, one begins to wonder whether the series of Hypothesis about our dear Africa being a very corrupt continent is really the bitter truth.

If we recall the sad story of Mansa Musa (one of the richest people in history) who squandered his empire’s wealth while on a pilgrimage to Mecca. Perhaps, we could say that corruption has been a distinctive feature of the African continent.

On Saturday, the Zimbabwean authorities arrested the wife of Vice President Constantino Chiwenga on charges of money laundering, fraud and violating exchange control regulations, the country’s anti Corruption Commission (ZACC).

Mary Mubaiwa was arrested in the late evening of Saturday and might likely appear in court on Monday.

Mubaiwa has been accused of unlawfully transferring $919,000 to South Africa under the guise of importing goods, but some inner source gathered that she never imported any goods whatsoever.

Also, the ZACC memo accused Mubaiwa of fraudulently obtaining a marriage certificate without Chiwenga’s consent earlier this year when the vice president was ill. The two have been married under Zimbabwe’s customary law since 2011 and have two children.

However, the arrest of Mubiawa at this period of time has raised so many questions after a local news reported two weeks ago that she was going through a divorce process with the vice president.

The vice president was reported to have returned early last month from China after spending about 4 months in the Asian country receiving treatment for a blocked esophagus. Some onlookers have said that since the vice president came back to the country, he has not been seen together with his wife. Even at official functions.

Perhaps, the current arrest of Mubaiwa is some sort of consequence for revolting against the vice president was an ardent loyalist of Zimbabwe current President.

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