The Power Of Our Tongue

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For those who prefers the truth undiluted, it is a fact that there is so much power in the tongue.

Often times, we cannot fathom why our lives is the way it is. We consistently forget that what we become is engineered by what comes out of our mouth. We forget to bear in mind that ‘Death and life are in the power of our tongue, and those who love it will eat the fruit’. (Proverbs 18:21).

A Hadith in the Quran also says, Surely the tongue is the thing which wields the most authority over a person. Be aware that everything that servant speaks is against him, except for the remembrance of Allah, the High, or the commanding of others to that which is right or preventing them from that which is evil, or setting the affair right between two believers.”

You become what you say! So many people have become victims of their circumstances as a result of what they speak into their life unconsciously. Has it ever occurred to you that most people that had talked or sang about death are currently in the grave?

It is the tongue  that determines our sadness, rejection, defeat, loss, failure, suffering in life, unanswered prayers, self-destruction, eternal ruin and damnation. Like a small steering wheel, it drives us to our desirable or damned destination.

There was a myth an old man told me about the earth, he said, everything in the world has a spirit. The ground we step on, leaves, trees, forest, all have a spirit that dwells in them. just like we humans have both the good and bad spirits, so also the aforementioned things have both good and bad spirit.

So many years ago, my entire family went to spend the holiday with my family in the village. While basking in the euphoria of the village setting which I was so unaccustomed to, and having an urge to have a filling of a kind of life I read from many African literature, I insisted on following my grandmother to the farm.
We had successfully gotten to the farm, rounded up the business of the day, and settled to begin our journey back home, when in the middle of the journey, I saw a big tree open its two big eyes wide open staring at me, i was shocked! I looked back and saw no one! I was sure of what I saw, the tree had two big eyes staring at me! I ran back to my grandmother and told her what I saw. My gra-ma laughed, and assured me we would pass another route home. I guess she knew what i saw, and what I saw was damn scary!

The response my grandmother gave about that scary thing I saw was that every place has a spirit, what I saw was the spirit of that particular forest that leads to our farm. And in my entire life, I should never say negative words to myself or anyone, because one never knows what kind of spirit dwells anywhere. Once they say yes to the utterance, no Jupiter can repudiate such utterance.

This important, yet neglected topic reminded me of a brother in my hostel in the early years of my university days. Who wakes up every morning in his hostel to tell every one of his roommates that he would be their employer someday.

Sound stupid right? Yes I also thought those years. How would a guy who seemed to be the least serious among his friends and roommate utter such an impossible statement ? let me give you a shocker! This guy or rather describe him as a ‘Man of powerful utterance’ prophecies became a reality. In fact, the so called roommates currently works in his reputable organization.

Here on earth, it is our tongues that determine how good our family will be, how prosperous our lives  will be, how good a teacher is, how good anyone in any field or profession is and what we get out of life. On the other side, it is the tongue that determines where we are going to be. A step further, it is unfortunate that we determine other people’s destinies with our tongue.

What is your first utterance when you wake up every morning? what do you manifest into your life with your tongue? what sort of utterance comes out of your mouth to your wife and children?

I once asked a well fulfilled man the secret of his success and the only answer he gave me was to narrate a story. According to him, when he was young, he would always do things that make his mother happy. Because anytime he made his mother happy, she uttered a prayer for him saying ‘ti won ban kole sori omi laye, wabawon ko’ the English interpretation means ‘if humans are building houses in the depths of the ocean, regardless of how wasteful the people of her time might think the act is, her son will build as many as possible’. This man today owns the biggest real estate company in Africa.

As children of God I implore us to always be conscious of whatever comes out of our mouth. Speak good tidings into your life. It doesn’t take anything from you to tell yourself you are a success already. My day is fruitful, I won the contract already, I got the job , I won the scholarship by God’s grace.

There is a famous saying that ‘what you utter determines what you are made of’. Cultivate the habit of manifesting good tidings in your life and see how it swiftly becomes a reality.

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