US Air Strike Against Iran-Backed Militia Kills 6

The United States launched series of air strikes against pro-Iranian military factions in Iraq on Friday leaving six persons dead.

US Air Strike Against Iran-Backed Militia Kills 6
US Air Strike Against Iran-Backed Militia Kills 6

Among those reportedly killed in the air strikes are a civilian and five security personnel consisting of three Iraqi soldiers and two policemen.

MiddleEastEye reports that the civilian was a cook working at the unfinished Karbala airport, where another civilian employee was also wounded in the raids.

The volley of strikes was in response to a rocket attack on an Iraqi base late on Wednesday that killed two US military personnel and one British soldier.

Earlier, the Pentagon said it had targeting five weapons-storage facilities used by Kataeb Hezbollah – including facilities used to store weaponry for past attacks on US-led coalition troops.

Iraq’s military said that the US air strikes had hit four locations in the country.

Iran on Friday warned US President Donald Trump against taking “dangerous actions”.

“Instead of dangerous actions and baseless accusations, Mr Trump should reconsider the presence and behaviour of his troops in the area,” foreign ministry spokesman Abbas Mousavi said in a statement, hours after the US strikes.

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