COVID-19: New York Governor Andrew Cuomo Opens Up About How Afraid He Was For Brother Chris Cuomo

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New York City Governor is doing his best for his city as the fight to overcome the pandemic continues, but his greatest fear was losing his younger brother when the latter was diagnosed with the virus.

New York City Governor Andrew Cuomo worried for his brother and his family
New York City Governor Andrew Cuomo worried for his brother and his family

In an interview on The Daily Show With Trevor Noah on Thursday April 23, 2020, Andrew Cuomo shared details of how scared and helpless he was when his brother Chris revealed he had the virus.

He said:

“It is my brother and he’s my man. He is my best friend. And you know, I don’t like to give him any credit because that’s the whole ‘big brother and little brother’ thing, but the guy is a superstar. He really is, and he is a beautiful guy, just a beauty. But he gets sick. He is in his basement. I can’t even go see him, and then his wife [Cristina Cuomo] gets sick. She’s quarantined upstairs. He’s quarantined in the basement. He’s got three kids, a 17-year-old and two younger [kids] and [they] can’t go see him. I can’t help the kids. I mean, it is just terrible, nightmare of a science fiction of a movie where you can have loved ones with this disease, where nobody knows whether you are going to live or die.

I kept saying to him, ‘Don’t worry. You’re young. You are fine.’ Yeah, sure, but who knows, right? Because yes, it tends to attack seniors, but you also have younger people who are dying, and there is nothing I could do. I am his big brother. I love him more than anybody. I am the governor of the state. [There was] nothing that I can do to help,” he went on to say.

On top of all the disorientation, on top of the responsibility, then you just have this real-life situation where you worry every day, that is he going to be the one…that could lose his life, that could die from this. So it does bring it home, it does bring it home.”

CNN anchor Chris Cuomo
anchor Chris Cuomo
Chris and big brother Andrew
Chris and big brother Andrew

Fortunately, Chris Cuomo, who is a CNN anchor, has made a full recovery along with his wife Cristina. earlier reported that Chris Cuomo’s 14-year-old son Mario tested positive for COVID-19.

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