Joe Biden Calls Trump An “Absolute Fool” For Mocking Face Masks

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Democratic Presidential candidate, says is an “absolute fool” for mocking him for using a face mask in public.

Joe Biden Calls Trump An "Absolute Fool" For Mocking Face Masks
Joe Biden Calls Trump An “Absolute Fool” For Mocking Face Masks

The President has refused to wear a face mask since the outbreak of the novel coronavirus and recently mocked Biden for opting to wear one during a Memorial Day wreath-laying.

In response, Biden hit back at the president, telling CNN that Trump is ‘a fool, an absolute fool, to talk that way.’

‘Every leading doc in the world is saying you should be wearing a mask in a crowd,’ continued Mr. Biden. ‘He’s supposed to be leading by example.’

‘This macho stuff for a guy… oh I shouldn’t get going… but it costs people’s lives.’

The democratic candidate referenced news that over 100,000 people in the US have now died as a result of the coronavirus.

‘Columbia studies showing that if we just started a week earlier, we’d have saved thousands of lives.’’

When asked whether he thinks wearing a mask reflects strength of weakness, Biden replied: ‘Leadership. What it presents and projects is leadership. Presidents are supposed to lead, not engage in folly, and be falsely masculine.’

This comes after Donald Trump retweeted a post from Fox News journalist Brit Hume, showing a photo of Joe Biden with a face mask on, with the caption ‘This might explain why Trump doesn’t like to wear a mask in public. Biden today.’

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