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‘Stranger Things Season 4’: A Huge Reveal About Hopper’s Backstory Will Be Seen

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David Harbour, the who portrays Sheriff Hopper in ‘s Stranger Things, has said that there will be a big revelation about the character’s backstory in season 4.

David Harbour as Sheriff Hopper in STRANGER THINGS
David Harbour as Sheriff Hopper in STRANGER THINGS

Hopper ended adopting Eleven (Milly Bobby Brown) in season two, but after the showdown which took place at the end of the third season, he seemingly met his ‘demise’.

Quick-thinking fans however didn’t buy into Hopper’s supposed death, and their theory was confirmed in the teaser trailer for season 4, when Hopper was seen as a prisoner somewhere in Russia.

In season 2, there was a scene where Eleven uncovered boxes marked ‘New York’ and ‘’, and in the fourth episode of that same season, there was a hint at a secret that Harbour’s character has kept “since the first frame of the first shot.”

David Harbour and Winona Ryder in STRANGER THINGS Season 3
David Harbour and Winona Ryder in STRANGER THINGS Season 3

While speaking at a recent appearance at Liverpool Comic Con, David Harbour said:

So, there are these three things that we’ve established in the season that if we don’t pay off, it means that they’re bad writers. So I know specifically that in season 4, we will give you a big, huge reveal about Hopper’s backstory.”

David Harbour
David Harbour

Speaking further, the actor stated:

I’m so excited about revealing this aspect of the character. It’s one of the things I’ve known since the first frame of the first shot, and we haven’t expressed it yet. And finally, we’re gonna express it in a big way.

It’s my favorite thing about him that you guys don’t know about him yet, but it has to do with these backstories of New York, Vietnam and Joyce and things like that.

It’s a big reveal, and I’m really excited for you to see it. So whenever it comes out in 2050, when the next season comes out, you’ll get to see that.”

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