“Please Help Me, This Pain Is Too Much”, Lady With Sickle Cell Cries Out

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Mide with Sickle Cell
Mide with Sickle Cell

One who hasn’t fallen sick before doesn’t really know what the sick ones go through. Especially the ailment that is most likely going to kill you at any point in time. That hereditary ailment could be the ignorance of your parents towards listening to medical advice before settling down as a couple.

Many people due to love fall prey to this. The love they both think they have for each other blinds them so hard, that they pay little attention towards checking their genotypes to see if they are compatible to get married.

Despite the cries from both government, NGO’s and even churches to stop people who didn’t check their genotypes, to be certain they are compatible for marriage from going into it, many out of ignorance still go ahead with the marriage.


The result then becomes a sickle cell child who keeps falling sick each time, keeping both the parents and anyone around restless. Imagining giving birth to a child and watching him or her suffer, almost all the days of his or her life for a mistake you could have easily averted.

A lady by the name Mide who’s a sickle cell patient cries online for help as the ailment seems to be causing her severe pains. From the photos she shared, her legs are swollen, same with her stomach.

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