Senate President Ahmad Lawan Expresses Gratitude to Constituents for Re-Election

Lawan recounts how his constituents' sacrifices and solidarity helped him regain Yobe North Senatorial ticket.

Senate President Ahmad Lawan Expresses Gratitude to Constituents for Re-Election
Ahmad Lawan

The Senate President, Ahmad Lawan, has expressed his gratitude to his constituents for their unwavering support in helping him regain the Yobe North Senatorial ticket. In a recent statement, Lawan recounted how his people rallied behind him after he initially lost his bid for the Senate seat.

According to Lawan, the matter was taken to court and someone else was given the judgment. While he initially accepted the verdict and announced that he would not appeal, his constituents and the All Progressive Congress (APC) continued to fight for him.

Despite his reluctance to fight for the seat, Lawan’s supporters did not give up. They fasted for him and even went as far as sacrificing cows, camels, and other animals in a show of solidarity. This display of unwavering support from the people of Yobe North, according to Lawan, was what ultimately led to his victory in the senatorial election.

In his statement, Lawan expressed his deep appreciation for the love and support shown to him by his constituents. He further reiterated his commitment to represent the people of Yobe North to the best of his abilities, stating that he hoped to make them proud during his tenure in office.

On February 6, 2023, the Supreme Court affirmed Lawan as the APC senatorial candidate for Yobe North, and Lawan’s constituents were overjoyed by the news. Lawan campaigned for only two days, but the people were already mobilized, and they turned out to vote in record numbers.

In conclusion, Lawan expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the people of Yobe North for their sacrifices, prayers, and support, stating that he had never seen such a show of love from his people in his entire 20-year political career.

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