Russian Foreign Ministry Protests US National Security Adviser’s Remarks on Ukrainian Strikes

The Russian Foreign Ministry has summoned senior US diplomats on Friday to express a “strong protest” regarding the remarks made by US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan regarding Ukrainian strikes on Crimea. The ministry deemed Sullivan’s comments, made in an interview with CNN on Sunday, as “unacceptable.”

Russian Foreign Ministry Protests US National Security Adviser's Remarks on Ukrainian Strikes
Jake Sullivan

Sullivan stated that the United States has not imposed any restrictions on Kyiv in terms of striking Russian territory, including Crimea. He also emphasized that Washington would not provide Ukraine with Western systems to attack Russian territory.

In response, the Russian Foreign Ministry released a statement condemning Sullivan’s remarks and calling them hypocritical and false. The ministry pointed to direct evidence of the use of weapons and equipment supplied by the Pentagon to the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) for the preparation and execution of terrorist acts by Ukrainian militants. They highlighted that such evidence contradicts the claims made by American officials that the United States does not encourage such attacks on Russia.

The ministry further expressed concern over the hostile actions of the United States, which they stated have long been involved in the conflict. They asserted that these actions have plunged Russian-American relations into a deep and dangerous crisis, which carries unpredictable consequences.

The statement concluded by emphasizing that any form of aggression against Russia will be met with the strongest resistance, urging Washington to recognize and respect this reality.

The protest lodged by the Russian Foreign Ministry underscores the escalating tensions between Russia and the United States in relation to the ongoing situation in Ukraine. The developments warrant close attention as they have the potential to impact the geopolitical landscape and regional stability.

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