Lawsuit Filed Against Nicki Minaj for Unpaid Bills and Damaged Jewellery

Rapper Faces Legal Battle as Jeweller Claims Non-payment and Stylist Negligence

Renowned American rapper Nicki Minaj finds herself entangled in a legal dispute as she faces a lawsuit over alleged unpaid bills and damage to custom jewellery. West Hollywood-based jeweller, Roseark Jewellery store, has taken legal action against the rapper, claiming that she damaged the borrowed bling.

Lawsuit Filed Against Nicki Minaj for Unpaid Bills and Damaged Jewellery
Nicki Minaj

In response, Nicki’s attorney has refuted the claims, asserting that the jeweller is merely seeking publicity by implicating the rapper.

According to the lawsuit, Nicki’s stylist, Brett Alan Nelson, entered into a contract with Roseark Jewellery Store, where the store agreed to loan jewellery to Nicki for a public appearance. The terms of the contract required Brett to return the jewellery within one week and take responsibility for any damages that might occur while the pieces were under his supervision.

However, the lawsuit alleges that the stylist failed to return 66 pieces of jewellery by the agreed-upon deadline. When the items were eventually returned, noticeable damage was observed on a set of earrings and a leaf ring.

In response to the lawsuit, a source close to Nicki informed TMZ that all the borrowed jewellery was returned on time as promised. The source further claimed that it was only after the jeweller had possession of the items for an extended period that they raised complaints about a missing stone.

As the legal battle unfolds, Nicki Minaj faces the challenge of disproving the allegations of non-payment and negligence brought against her. The outcome of the lawsuit will determine the resolution of the dispute and the financial repercussions that may follow for the rapper.

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