Ukrainian Troops Claim Russian Soldiers Swept Away in Dam Collapse Amidst Ongoing Conflict

Conflicting Accounts Surround Nova Khakovka Dam Incident, Investigation Underway

In a dramatic turn of events, Ukrainian troops allegedly witnessed Russian soldiers being caught in floodwaters and fleeing the east bank of the Dnipro River after the collapse of the Nova Khakovka dam, according to a Ukrainian armed forces officer. The officer, Capt. Andrei Pidlisnyi, revealed that many Russian troops were reportedly killed or injured amidst the ensuing chaos.

Ukrainian Troops Claim Russian Soldiers Swept Away in Dam Collapse Amidst Ongoing Conflict
Nova Khakovka dam

Capt. Pidlisnyi claimed that the collapse of the dam occurred in the early hours of Tuesday, leaving no chance for anyone on the Russian side to escape. He asserted that all the Russian regiments stationed on the affected side of the river were flooded. The officer further suggested that the Russian forces may have intentionally attacked the dam to disrupt Ukrainian forces’ plans for an upcoming offensive.

According to Pidlisnyi, around 3 a.m., the Kakhovka Hydro Power Plant was blown up by the enemy, resulting in a deliberate rise in water levels to flood the surrounding areas, including the left bank of the Dnipro River and the adjacent settlements. This act was purportedly aimed at hindering any future advances by the Ukrainian armed forces.

Pidlisnyi explained that the topography of the land played a crucial role in the severe impact on Russia’s military positioned on the east bank. His unit closely monitored the unfolding events through the use of drones and troops on the ground.

The Ukrainian officer highlighted that the left (east) bank, being at a lower elevation than the right bank, experienced greater flooding. This inundation affected the enemy’s positions located along the riverbank, which encompassed not only trenches but also civilian houses where the Russian soldiers resided.

While it remains uncertain whether the Russian units in harm’s way received prior warning, Pidlisnyi suggested that this may have been deliberate to maintain the element of surprise.

Both the Ukrainian government and Capt. Pidlisnyi have accused Russia of intentionally blowing up the dam, while the Kremlin has counterclaimed that it was a result of an attack by Ukrainian forces. However, concrete evidence to substantiate either side’s claim is yet to surface. Initial assessments, including the analysis of videos and satellite imagery, indicate the possibility of structural failure as the cause of the dam’s collapse, considering the Russian occupation of the dam since March of the previous year.

As the incident continues to unfold, an investigation is underway to ascertain the truth behind the dam collapse and the events leading up to it, shedding light on the conflicting narratives presented by the parties involved.

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