MohBad’s Sister-in-Law Accuses Family of Wrongdoing

Controversy Surrounds MohBad's Hasty Burial and Estate Dispute

MohBad's Sister-in-Law Accuses Family of Wrongdoing
MohBad’s Swift Burial Triggers Family Conflict and Land Dispute

The untimely demise of Nigerian music sensation Ilerioluwa Oladimeji Aloba, popularly known as MohBad, has been marred by controversy as his sister-in-law accuses his family of hastily laying him to rest without allowing Nigerians the chance to pay their last respects. Additionally, she alleges that MohBad’s father engaged in a dispute with his mother-in-law to claim ownership of the land where the singer was buried.

MohBad passed away on Tuesday, sending shockwaves through the Nigerian music industry and fans worldwide. He was laid to rest the following day in the Ikorodu area of Lagos, but the speed of his burial has sparked tensions within his family.

In a video that emerged on Thursday, MohBad’s sister-in-law provided detailed accounts of a dispute between the late singer’s father and his mother-in-law concerning a property that MohBad had purchased. She also issued a warning to MohBad’s family, particularly emphasizing the need to protect her sister, Omowunmi, amidst the ongoing controversy.

The sister-in-law accused MohBad’s family of attempting to claim the late artist’s assets, which are currently held by his wife, Omowunmi. Earlier, in a viral video during the burial, an alleged elder from MohBad’s family questioned the trustworthiness of the singer’s wife.

The newly surfaced video featured MohBad’s sister-in-law, who spoke in both Yoruba and English languages, shedding light on the land dispute that culminated in the singer’s burial. She revealed, “He took the land from MohBad before he died. He was buried on the land.”

She went on to question why MohBad’s family did not opt for a proper burial in a suitable cemetery, preventing Nigerians from paying their last respects before hastily burying him. “Why couldn’t they bury MohBad at Lekki cemetery that befitted his status? Would his wife have the pride to take their child to see MohBad’s burial ground later in the future? Why didn’t they allow Nigerians to pay their last respects before they buried him?” she queried.

The sister-in-law expressed concerns about the safety of MohBad’s wife, Omowunmi, and their child, Liam, and clarified that her primary focus was their well-being. She emphasized, “We’re not after MohBad’s estate. What I’m concerned about is MohBad’s wife’s safety and Liam’s safety. They are my own priority. My younger sister didn’t know anything about MohBad’s death.”

As the nation continues to mourn the loss of the talented artist, the controversy surrounding his burial and estate dispute adds a somber note to the tragic events. The allegations made by MohBad’s sister-in-law highlight the need for transparency and resolution within the family during this difficult time.

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