Kenyan President William Ruto Faces Fiery Questions in Twitter Space Event

Kenyan President William Ruto Faces Fiery Questions in Twitter Space Event
Pesident William Ruto

Kenya’s President William Ruto recently hosted a Twitter (X) Space to engage with the nation, attracting over 134,000 participants. The event became a platform for Kenyans to voice their concerns, with some accusing the president of dishonesty and calling for drastic actions.

During the session, one participant urged Ruto to fire his cabinet, while another dropped the F-word in frustration. The intense exchange highlighted the public’s growing impatience with the current administration.

One user, Awang’ Mach, voiced strong sentiments, stating, “We will not be lied to. We are not Nigerians. We will do what it takes.” He further criticized the Nigerian government, labeling it as the most corrupt in the world, and criticized the priorities of its citizens.

Responding to a comment about infrastructure, Mach added, “Politicians’ mansions and flashy cars are not infrastructure. Infrastructure is good schools, hospitals, roads, uninterrupted electricity & water supply, jobs availability, and good governance. Do you have to be reminded of that?”

Another user, UNIQ, emphasized the importance of preserving infrastructure, stating, “We won’t destroy our infrastructure like your country did, we will protest in an organized way.”

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