OAU Reduces Tuition Fees, Introduces Installment Payment Option

"OAU's Tuition Fee Revisions Aim to Pacify Student Protests and Maintain Efficiency"

In response to the recent uproar and legal threats from its student body, the Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU) has adjusted the tuition fees for the upcoming academic year.

OAU Reduces Tuition Fees, Introduces Installment Payment Option  This announcement came in a statement issued by the University’s Public Relations Officer, Abiodun Olarewaju, on Monday.

Earlier this month, the OAU management had provoked a wave of discontent among students when it declared a substantial increase in tuition fees across all faculties. The controversial decision sparked outrage and vows of legal action from the university’s student body.

According to Olarewaju, the university management convened a meeting with the leadership of the Students’ Union to address the escalating tensions. The meeting, which stretched over several hours, aimed to reach a compromise between the students’ demands and the institution’s financial needs.

During the negotiations, the Students’ Union leaders staunchly advocated for a 50% reduction in the initial tuition hike. However, the university administration held firm, asserting that the newly proposed charges were the minimum required for the institution to operate efficiently.

In light of the discussions, the Vice Chancellor, Professor Adebayo Simeon BAMIRE, announced a revised fee structure as follows:

  1.  Humanities Returning Students: Initial sundry charges of N89,200 have been reduced to N76,000. New students in the Humanities will now pay N131,000 instead of the initial N151,200.
  2. Sciences and Technology Returning Students: Initial charges of N101,200 have been adjusted to N86,000. New students in the same faculties will now pay N141,000 instead of the initial N163,200.
  3. Pharmacy and College of Health Sciences Returning Students: Tuition fees have been revised to N109,000, down from N128,200. New students in these faculties will now pay N164,000 instead of the initially proposed N190,000.

Olarewaju further informed students that the university’s payment portal was now open, allowing for tuition payment in two equal installments, providing some relief for financially constrained students.

This development will likely ease tensions on the campus and create a more conducive learning environment as the academic year gets underway.

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