Temmie Ovwasa Exposes Troubling Past with Olamide and Aisha Adebukunmi

The Unveiling of Her Rocky Journey with Olamide and His Wife Aisha Adebukunmi

Temmie Ovwasa Exposes Troubling Past with Olamide and Aisha Adebukunmi
Neglected at YBNL by Olamide and Humiliated by Aisha Adebukunmi

In a startling revelation, Nigerian singer and songwriter, Temmie Ovwasa, formerly known as YBNL Princess, has come forward with a detailed account of her tumultuous experience while under the wings of her former boss, Olamide, and his wife, Aisha Adebukunmi.

Taking to her Instagram stories on Thursday, the ‘Jabole crooner’ poured her heart out, accusing Olamide of neglect during her tenure at the renowned YBNL record label. She also pointed fingers at Aisha for public humiliation and branding her as ‘broke’ whenever they ventured out together.

Ovwasa’s candid words resonated with her followers: “I entered the music industry with the sole intention of singing; Olamide carried me on his shoulders, parading me as the ‘princess.’ However, once the cameras stopped rolling, I found myself in the company of his disrespectful and classist wife, who seemed determined to remind me of my humble beginnings as a girl they brought from Ilorin to change her life.

“I’d accompany this woman on outings, only to be subjected to public humiliation. Whenever people requested pictures, she made it her mission to emphasize my financial constraints.

“It’s not enough to ‘help’ people; you should never add to their problems. I never even tagged him [Olamide] in the video where he announced my signing. I didn’t wish to be associated with them; I merely wanted to pursue my passion for singing!”

Temmie Ovwasa also disclosed that she felt like she ‘wasted’ five precious years while signed to the YBNL label. She expressed her frustration, saying, “I recorded more than 25 songs, only to hear Pheelz confess that he had misplaced the hard drive containing my work. Twenty-five songs! I devoted five years of my life to YBNL and released a mere four songs. Since parting ways with them, I have recorded and released three albums, with a treasure trove of songs that could allow me to drop an album every week!”

This eye-opening revelation from Temmie Ovwasa sheds light on the darker aspects of the music industry, emphasizing the importance of providing genuine support to emerging talents without subjecting them to humiliation or neglect.

The music world eagerly awaits any potential response from Olamide and Aisha Adebukunmi regarding these allegations, which have sparked widespread discussions within the industry.

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