George Clooney Urges Biden to Exit 2024 Presidential Race

George Clooney Urges Biden to Exit 2024 Presidential Race

Hollywood actor and Democratic fundraiser George Clooney has publicly called for President Joe Biden to withdraw from the 2024 presidential race, following concerns about his age and recent performance. This comes hours after former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi avoided directly supporting Biden’s continuation in the race.

Clooney, in an op-ed for the New York Times, argued that despite Biden’s numerous achievements, “the one battle he cannot win is the fight against time.” Reflecting on a recent encounter at a fundraising event, Clooney stated, “It was devastating to say it, but the Joe Biden I met three weeks ago was not the Biden of 2010. He wasn’t even the Joe Biden of 2020.”

The fundraiser, co-hosted by Clooney in Los Angeles with stars like Julia Roberts and Barbra Streisand, raised a record $30 million for Biden’s campaign. However, Clooney’s critical comments have sparked backlash from the President’s supporters, with an unnamed source stating that Biden engaged actively at the event despite just arriving from the G7 summit in Italy.

Nancy Pelosi, during an interview on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, emphasized the urgency for Biden to decide on his candidacy, saying, “It’s up to the president to decide if he’s going to run. We are all encouraging him to make that decision, because time is running short.”

Following Biden’s stumbling debate against Donald Trump and mounting internal dissent, Democratic unity appears strained. Senators and representatives alike have expressed their concerns. Michael Bennet of Colorado warned that Trump might win in a “landslide,” and Peter Welch of Vermont openly called for Biden to step down “for the good of the country.”

Despite growing calls for his withdrawal, President Biden remains steadfast. His campaign reiterated his commitment to running, with Democratic House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries planning to discuss party concerns with Biden.

Support for Biden remains substantial among key Democratic figures, including California Governor Gavin Newsom and the Congressional Black Caucus. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer also publicly backs Biden, although reports suggest private doubts.

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