Tragedy Strikes As Boat Capsizes, Leaving 22 Passengers Missing In Niger

Niger State Unites in Grief and Hope as Search Continues for 22 Missing Passengers After Boat Tragedy

In a heartbreaking turn of events, a boat carrying 22 passengers from Kasabu village in Agwara Local Government Area of Niger State to Yauri, Kebbi State, has capsized, leaving families in distress and a desperate search-and-rescue operation underway.

Tragedy Strikes As Boat Capsizes, Leaving 22 Passengers Missing In NigerThe shocking incident was confirmed by Mr. Salihu Garba, the Director-General of the Niger State Emergency Management Agency, during a press briefing on Monday.

Garba revealed that the agency received a distressing report regarding the boat mishap, which took place between 11 a.m. and 12 p.m. on the same day.

According to a survivor’s harrowing account, the ill-fated boat had a total of 22 passengers on board at the time of the incident. This revelation has sparked concerns among local communities and authorities alike, who are now scrambling to locate and rescue the missing individuals.

Search and rescue efforts are currently in progress, with local divers and boat owners rallying under the guidance of the agency’s dedicated desk officer in Agwara. Despite their relentless efforts, no passengers have been recovered as of yet.

Compounding the tragedy is the timing of the incident, which occurred on a bustling Yauri market day. Due to the chaotic atmosphere of the market, it has been challenging for families to determine the fate of their missing loved ones. Families are anxiously awaiting any updates and praying for the safe return of their relatives.

Mr. Garba provided insight into the complexities of underwater rescue operations, explaining that it typically takes about 24 hours for a drowned person’s body to resurface. This has added to the anguish of the waiting families, who are clinging to hope amidst the uncertainty surrounding their loved ones’ whereabouts.

The Director-General attributed the cause of the boat’s tragic capsizing to a combination of factors, primarily water hyacinth proliferation and the presence of strong waves. These hazardous conditions, he noted, had created a perilous environment for the ill-fated journey, ultimately resulting in this devastating incident.

As Niger State mourns the loss of its residents and prays for the safe return of those still missing, authorities continue to dedicate their resources and efforts to the ongoing search-and-rescue mission. The community remains united in its resolve to bring closure to this heart-wrenching ordeal and provide solace to the affected families.

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