“It’s My Song’ – Young Duu Accuses Carter Efe Of Hijacking Song ‘Oyinmo’

Music Industry in Turmoil as Young Duu Accuses Carter Efe of Song Ownership Dispute

In a shocking turn of events, Nigerian singer Young Duu has made explosive accusations against skit maker and music executive, Carter Efe, claiming that Efe “hijacked” his song ‘Oyinmo.’

"It's My Song' - Young Duu Accuses Carter Efe Of Hijacking Song 'Oyinmo'
Young Duu

This brewing controversy has sent shockwaves through the Nigerian music industry. Young Duu, who recently departed Portable’s record label, Zeh Nation, in a controversial manner, had joined forces with Carter Efe to release the hit song ‘Oyinmo’ just last week. The collaboration garnered significant attention and anticipation from fans of both artists.

However, the situation took a dramatic twist when a video of Carter Efe performing ‘Oyinmo’ at a show went viral. What made the performance particularly controversial was the fact that Carter Efe was seen at a show singlehandedly performing the song, which was was originally released by both Young Duu and Carter Efe, leading to questions about who rightfully owned the song.

Reacting to the show performance, Young Duu in a recent Instagram live session with fans, Young Duu insinuated that he is already falling out with his “helper”, Carter Efe, accusing the skit maker of using industry mechanisms to “collect” his song.

Reacting to the video of Carter Efe’s solo performance, Young Duu took to Instagram in a live session with his fans. During the session, Young Duu implied that his professional relationship with Carter Efe might be in jeopardy, accusing the skit maker of using industry mechanisms to gain control of the song.

Young Duu expressed his frustration by saying, “I’m the one who owned the song, I’ve been ripped; Someone else has taken over my song! Carter used industry brain to collect my song, going to show with my song. He is a comedian, not a singer. He doesn’t want to help me but always takes credit for those pulling the strings.”

He went on to share his disappointment, stating, “I don’t want to expose everything. It’s not good; my boss did me bad and you want to do the same thing. You guys have family, the same way I came from someone else. So this was why you wanted me to drop an album for you.”

The accusations made by Young Duu have ignited a heated debate among fans, with many expressing their support for the embattled artist. Meanwhile, Carter Efe has yet to respond publicly to the allegations, leaving fans eagerly awaiting his side of the story.

This ongoing dispute has left the Nigerian music industry buzzing with speculation about the true ownership of ‘Oyinmo’ and the future of Young Duu and Carter Efe’s collaboration. As the situation continues to develop, music enthusiasts and industry insiders will be closely monitoring the unfolding drama.

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