LASTMA Dismisses Five, Reprimands Two Officers for Misconduct in Lagos

Five Officers Fired and Two Reprimanded by LASTMA in Lagos Over Misconduct

LASTMA Dismisses Five, Reprimands Two Officers for Misconduct in Lagos

The Lagos State Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA) has taken a strong stance against corruption and misconduct by confirming the removal of five officers and reprimanding two others. On Sunday, LASTMA’s Public Relations Officer, Adebayo Taofiq, made the announcement public through a statement.

Seven officials were sanctioned by the Lagos State Civil Service Commission for different violations after the Personnel Management Board conducted a thorough review. All recommended disciplinary proceedings were approved at the review meeting that took place on Tuesday, August 19, 2023.

Mr. Taofiq stated that “Five LASTMA officials, found guilty of corrupt practices, were served with termination letters, while two others were reprimanded for unauthorized absence from their duty posts.”

Bakare Oki, the acting general manager of the agency, stressed that their actions were fully compliant with the regulations and rules of the Lagos State Civil Service. He stressed the significance of reports supported by evidence in improving LASTMA’s performance and accountability and urged the public to keep informing officials of both good and bad experiences.

While outlining the repercussions for infractions, Mr. Oki pleaded with Lagos drivers to adhere to state traffic laws. He promised everyone that LASTMA will handle complaints in a fair and timely manner.

In addition, Mr. Taofiq revealed that 14 other LASTMA officials are presently facing further administrative scrutiny over their cases. Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu’s vision for a ‘Greater Lagos’ hinges on effective traffic management and transportation, which are cornerstones of the THEMES Plus Development Agenda. He emphasized the importance of drivers adhering to the Lagos State Transportation Sector Reform Law 2018, urging everyone to do the right thing.

In addition, he assured residents and drivers of speedy and fair investigations and provided information on many routes for reporting complaints, such as phone numbers and a special WhatsApp line.

Mr. Bakare Oki concluded by stressing once again the significance of following the Lagos State Transportation Sector Reform Law 2018 and reported that the cases of the other LASTMA officials facing accusations of wrongdoing are currently being investigated further.

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