Edo Deputy Governor Warns PDP Against Rejecting His Candidacy

The Edo State Deputy Governor, Philip Shaibu, issued a stark warning to the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), stating that if the party does not accept him as its gubernatorial candidate, it could face significant setbacks in the upcoming state elections.

Edo Deputy Governor Warns PDP Against Rejecting His Candidacy
Philip Shaibu

According to a report by OduNews, Asue Ighodalo emerged victorious in the PDP’s primary, held at the Samuel Ogbemudia Stadium in Benin City on a recent Thursday.

During an appearance on Channels Television’s Sunrise Daily the following Friday, Shaibu declared himself the legitimate choice of the party for the gubernatorial race scheduled for September 21. He argued that the electorate in Edo does not favor Ighodalo, criticizing him for not being a familiar face to the locals.

“The PDP’s best course of action is to avoid disputing my nomination. Should they choose otherwise, it could lead to the party’s downfall in Edo State. The people here are not in favor of Asue Ighodalo becoming governor, as he is not the local candidate they are familiar with. They seek a candidate who is known to them, someone tangible and approachable. The PDP is at a pivotal moment, and the delegates have clearly expressed their preference for Shaibu. I am confident that the other eight candidates will rally behind me, provided the party supports me. Should the party opt to challenge this in court in favor of Ighodalo, securing a win for the PDP in Edo State will become uncertain since Asue is unlikely to be embraced by the community,” Shaibu articulated.

Shaibu criticized the primary process that led to Ighodalo’s nomination, claiming it was orchestrated by the state’s party leadership rather than the national executives, which should have overseen the election. He suggested that the state executives and the governor, who are purported supporters of Ighodalo, could not have conducted a fair and unbiased election.

Emphasizing his legitimacy, Shaibu insisted that he was chosen by the genuine delegates of the party within the state. “The pivotal question is, who elected the governor’s preferred candidate, Asue, and who elected Philip Shaibu? In the days ahead, it will become clear who the legitimate delegates are,” he stated.

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