Fortnight: Post Malone’s Typewriter Fascination and Taylor Swift’s Behind-the-Scenes Fun

Post Malone recently developed a newfound appreciation for old-school typewriters, a fascination that was amusingly captured in a behind-the-scenes video shared by Taylor Swift. The video offers a glimpse into the making of the visual for “The Tortured Poets Department’s” lead single, featuring both artists, and was released on Friday (June 21).

Fortnight: Post Malone's Typewriter Fascination and Taylor Swift's Behind-the-Scenes Fun

The clip begins with Swift, a 14-time Grammy winner, filming a dramatic scene where she hurls a white metal cart at a two-way mirror in a stark white room. Unlike the final cut where the glass shatters, the behind-the-scenes footage shows the cart bouncing back, causing Swift to flinch and laugh at the camera.

In another part of the video, Swift describes the setting of the “Tortured Poets Department,” a fictional government office where the behaviors and minds of poets are studied. “One of the stereotypical things about poets over the years is that people said they were crazy,” she explains.

The video then shifts focus to Post Malone, on set for a scene where he and Swift sit across from each other, working on typewriters. Swift demonstrates the use of the classic typewriter, moving the paper shelf to start a new line, to which Post excitedly responds, “All you do is move it! This is amazing! I feel very steampunk!” Swift humorously notes, “We don’t work in typewriters! Millennials don’t see that s–t!”

Post’s curiosity continues as he asks, “How do you get a shift,” and upon discovering the mechanism, exclaims, “What the hell! I’m buying this right now! This is too much fun. Y’all shouldn’t have let me play!”

The camaraderie between the two is evident throughout the filming of the “Fortnight” music video, which debuted at the top of the Billboard Hot 100 on May 4 and stayed at number one for two weeks. During a scene, Post listens attentively to Swift’s directions, respectfully responding with, “Yes, ma’am.”

As the behind-the-scenes footage concludes, Swift and Post review a shot together. Swift points out, “Look at this! You don’t see happiness from either of us, and then we come around and find you!” She continues, “You went nuts! Look at this! Ooooh! No tats and so happy!”

Post Malone enthusiastically agrees, “It’s f–king amazing! It’s amazing. I think it’s stunning,” before congratulating Swift and giving her a high-five, earning her the nickname “One Take Tay.”

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