Hints and Answer for Wordle #1,103 on Wednesday, June 26

Hints and Answer for Wordle #1,103 on Wednesday, June 26

Proceed with caution as the answer to today’s Wordle is revealed at the end of this article. OduNews offers some helpful hints to assist you in solving today’s puzzle.


  1. Today’s word contains two vowels.
  2. The word starts and ends with consonants.
  3. It is a verb.
  4. Synonyms for the word include “pat” and “mold.”
  5. The word consists of one syllable.

Wordle #1,103 Answer for Wednesday, June 26

The answer for today’s Wordle is “Knead.”

According to Merriam-Webster, “knead” means “to work and press into a mass with or as if with the hands” or “to manipulate or massage with a kneading motion.”

Wordle resets daily at midnight in your time zone. While waiting for the next game, you might enjoy playing other games like the geography guessing game Worldle or Connections, the Times’ second most popular game.

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