Lawmakers Propose Six-Year Single Term for President and Governors, Unified Election Day

Lawmakers Propose Six-Year Single Term for President and Governors, Unified Election Day

A group of thirty-five federal lawmakers, known as the Reformed Minded Lawmakers, are advocating for an amendment to the 1999 Constitution to establish a single six-year term for the president and governors.

The legislators also seek a constitutional review to mandate all elections, from local government to the presidency, to be conducted on the same day. This change aims to reduce election costs and minimize undue influence on election outcomes.

Addressing a news conference on Monday, June 10, at the National Assembly, the group emphasized the need for all pre-election matters to be resolved 30 days before the election. They argued that proceeding with elections while pre-election issues are still in court has been detrimental to the electoral process.

Hon. Ikenga Ugochinyere, the group’s spokesman, also proposed a rotational presidency that considers the six geopolitical zones and suggested the introduction of two vice presidents to handle emergencies, such as the death of the President.

Ugochinyere stated that holding all elections on a single day would save costs, ensure greater participation, and enhance electoral credibility by encouraging vigilance among Nigerians.

The lawmakers also advocate for a 14-day period for the electoral commission to provide certified true copies of electoral documents to candidates wishing to file petitions. Additionally, they propose a one-year jail term for electoral officers who fail to provide such documents.

Further, the group seeks an amendment to the electoral laws to impose a 14-year prison sentence on electoral officers who fail to transmit election results electronically or if the provided results conflict with each other.

The lawmakers outlined their proposals as follows:

  • Rotational Executive Powers: Amend the Constitution to ensure the rotation of executive powers among the six geopolitical zones to promote equal representation and reduce the agitation for state creation.
  • Recognition of Geopolitical Zones: Amend Section 3 of the Constitution to formally recognize Nigeria’s division into six geopolitical zones.
  • Single Six-Year Term: Amend the Constitution to establish a single six-year term for the president and governors, aiming to reduce government spending, increase efficiency, and promote national stability.
  • Two Vice Presidents: Amend the Constitution to create the offices of two vice presidents, one from the southern and one from the northern parts of Nigeria. The 1st Vice President would be a succession vice president, while the 2nd Vice President would serve as the Minister in charge of the Economy, with both holding ministerial positions.
  • Geopolitical Alignment of President and Vice President: Amend the Constitution to require that the President and the 1st Vice President come from the same region (north or south), ensuring the 1st Vice President assumes the presidency in case of incapacitation.
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