Wole Oduwole Takes the Lead in Building SEO for Startups in Africa

Launched on August 1, 2022, SEOGidi has quickly made a name for itself as a search engine marketing company dedicated to uplifting struggling startups in Africa’s burgeoning tech ecosystem. In its first year alone, the company has achieved remarkable milestones.

Wole Oduwole Takes the Lead in Building SEO for Startups in Africa
Wole Oduwole – SEOGidi Founder

Founder Wole Oduwole successfully onboarded 36 startups during SEOGidi’s inaugural year. Reflecting on this journey, Wole shared, “The startups we work with have diverse needs depending on their industries. Crafting a unique strategy for each was challenging. Having extensive experience with various agencies, I was accustomed to a heavy workload, but this was different. Many startups fail at the ideation stage, yet they proceed to invest and launch. We often had to redefine their Unique Value Proposition.”

SEOGidi has positioned itself as a leader in marketing technology, often dubbed “SEO for Startups & Businesses.” In the competitive B2B marketing industry, traditionally dominated by large agencies, Wole is making a solid impact. “We’re not a typical marketing agency; we work closely with you. We’re developing a next-gen marketing platform powered by your business, you (the business owner), and AI. Automation in SEO might seem distant, but SEOGidi is approaching that milestone,” he explained.

Currently in the testing phase, SEOGidi plans to fully integrate AI into its platform by the last quarter of the 2024, aiming to provide businesses with automated SEO features to enhance their organic reach.

Public data shows that African startups have raised nearly $15 billion since 2019. Nigerian startups alone have secured $4.4 billion, making Nigeria the leading destination for tech startup investment on the continent. Kenya follows with $2.9 billion, South Africa with $2.4 billion, and Egypt with $2.3 billion. These four countries account for 85% of the funds raised. Wole stressed the importance of ROI and current valuations of these startups. “We’ve onboarded over 100 startup businesses, with three securing investments and many thriving on bootstrapping,” he noted.

Wole emphasized, “It’s a myth to say the African market isn’t ready. We need to change our approach to the market. I’m confident in the full evolution of the African tech space, but we need key marketing technology platforms like SEOGidi to lead the way.”

SEOGidi is poised to be a standout startup in 2024. While companies like SEMrush and Ahrefs are major players in the SEO industry, Wole clarified that SEOGidi offers distinct services tailored to the African market and beyond.

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