Stewart Criticizes Biden Team Over Debate Explanations

Stewart Criticizes Biden Team Over Debate Explanations

On Monday, “Daily Show” host Jon Stewart sharply criticized President Joe Biden’s team, accusing them of providing a series of inconsistent explanations for his underwhelming performance against Donald Trump in the recent debate.

The Biden camp offered various reasons for his poor showing, including a cold, lack of practice, having an off-night, and jet lag from a European trip. Stewart found these explanations unconvincing, especially the jet lag excuse, noting that Biden had been home for nearly two weeks before the debate. “He was jet-lagged? How big is that fucking jet?” Stewart quipped.

The debate mishap has led to increasing pressure within the Democratic Party for Biden to step down. However, his supporters argue that he remains the best option against the authoritarian threat posed by Trump. Stewart was not persuaded, mocking the notion with, “‘Get On Board Or Shut The Fuck Up’ is not a particularly compelling pro-democracy bumper sticker.”

Stewart also dismissed the argument that it is too late to consider new candidates with only four months until the election. He pointed out that other countries like Britain and France have managed to hold elections in much shorter time frames. “Are you telling me… the United States of Bruce Springsteen’s America can’t hold an election better than the fucking French?” Stewart exclaimed, emphasizing that four months is ample time.

While not explicitly calling for Biden to drop out, Stewart advocated for a reassessment of the situation to explore potential alternatives. He expressed the public’s desire for genuine inspiration and leadership amid a frustrating choice between Trump and Biden. “It is crushing our fucking spirits,” he remarked.

In a bold move, Stewart proposed transforming the upcoming Democratic National Convention into a genuine contest, inviting challengers to step forward and vie for the presidential nomination.

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