Netflix Unshaken In Number One Position Among The Streaming Services With The Most Subscribers

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Streaming giant continues to take the lead according to the latest information on the streaming platforms with the most subscribers.

Netflix dominates the other streaming platforms

As more and more streaming services are established to cater to the insatiable needs of millions of viewers around the world, Netflix has steadily dished out more visual content to match the desires of its subscribers, keeping its competitors at bay.

Thanks to new information made available to OduNews.com by streaming guide .com, it has been revealed via data collated in 66 countries that Netflix dominates in 61 of them, with taking the lead in Germany, Austria, and India.

holds the top spot in Turkey and iQiyi in China (Netflix is currently unavailable in the Asian nation).

Infographics showing Netflix's dominance/Image Credit: JustWatch
Infographics showing Netflix’s dominance/Image Credit: JustWatch

Netflix’s dominance should come as no surprise given the fact that it terms of quality and quantity, they remain unrivaled. Perhaps its closest competitor is , which boasts 60.5 million subscribers at the moment.

During its 2020 Q2 earnings call in July 2020, Netflix revealed that it had added 10.1 million subscribers between April and June, bringing its total to 190 million worldwide.

Streaming platforms

With the COVID-19 pandemic still present, many homes still look to streaming services for entertainment, and given the way Netflix isn’t relenting in its efforts to meet that demand, it’s easy to see why it continues to rule in the streaming wars.

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