Six Persons Die From COVID-19 After Being Infected At Funeral

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Six persons have died from complications after attending the same burial in .

Six Persons Die Of COVID-19 After Being Infected At Funeral
Six Persons Die From COVID-19 After Being Infected At

County, which encompasses Camden, South Carolina. A married couple—both over the age of 60—was part of the group that passed away. They died days apart from each other.

“They attended that same funeral and unfortunately passed away from COVID [19],” coroner RobbieBaker said of the couple.

“They came back to Sumter, got sick, and I was notified they had passed. Unfortunately, a large amount of people congregated at that funeral, somebody there was infected with it, spread it, and just didn’t know it.”

The other four people who died were also over the age of 60—a group that’s at high-risk to contract the virus—and were all black. has hit the elderly and black the hardest in South Carolina and across the U.S.

Many of those who attended the funeral have self-quarantined.

There have been reports that a person was infected with the Coronavirus from a dead body in the state.

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