‘Charlie’s Angels’: Elizabeth Banks Says Men Are To Blame For Movie’s Box Office Flop

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Elizabeth Banks flanked by the lead characters in Charlie’s Angels

That the new Charlie’s Angels directed by Elizabeth Banks bombed at the box office is no news, and she has cited men as the reason why the movie hasn’t made enough money.

The actress and filmmaker previously expressed pride for being a part of the film and said that failure or not, one should put one’s name to a movie that one has made.

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Now, the Hollywood blondie has spoken further, stating that if Charlie’s Angels doesn’t make money by the end of its box office run, it would prove that men don’t go out to watch female-led action movies.

Look, people have to buy tickets to this movie, too. This movie has to make money. If this movie doesn’t make money it reinforces a stereotype in Hollywood that men don’t go see do action movies.

They’ll go and see a comic book movie with Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel because that’s a male genre. So even though those are movies about women, they put them in the context of feeding the larger comic book world, so it’s all about, yes, you’re watching a Wonder Woman movie but we’re setting up three other characters or we’re setting up League.

By the way, I’m happy for those characters to have box office success, but we need more women’s voices supported with money because that’s the power. The is in the money.Elizabeth Banks –

Everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion but there may be an element of truth in the director’s words. A lot of fans may not find the idea of a reboot welcoming, especially if its predecessors did well financially and critically. Some might say that a reboot or sequel is not necessary and that may have been part of the reason they didn’t go out to see Charlie’s Angels.

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Elizabeth Banks

But Banks should know better than associate men with the movie’s financial failure as previous female action movies have attained success, so a movie’s box office failure or success shouldn’t be attributed to a particular gender. After all, movies like Captain Marvel, Alita: Battle Angel, and Tombraider enjoyed success at the box office and men flocked out to see them.

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